Livestream Classes

Experience a class with Carlos VIRTUALLY! In a livestream class, you’ll experience a live class from the comfort of your home, the break room at work or the neighborhood park. Learn more about livestream classes below.

Upcoming Livestream Classes

STRONG Nation 30™ Live class taught through ZOOM.
9:30am-10:00amNew York Time
Zumba®Live class taught through ZOOM.
9:30am-10:30amNew York Time
STRONG Nation 30™Live class taught through ZOOM.
9:30am-10:00amNew York Time
Zumba®Live class taught through ZOOM.
9:30am-10:30amNew York Time

How to Reserve Your Spot

Class Fee: $5/class.

To reserve your spot, send your payment through Venmo to @carlossturm1. In the “What’s It For?” section include the class name and class date.

Class reservations open 48 hours prior to class; for example, if the class begins at 9am on Saturday, reservations will be taken starting at 9am on the Thursday before class.

Livestream Class FAQ’s

What is a livestream class?

It’s a live class that’s broadcast live from the instructors home.

How do I access Carlos’ livestream classes?

Carlos teaches his livestream classes through ZOOM. When you register you’ll receive the class meeting code 30 mins before class through Venmo; you’ll enter the meeting code when you access the ZOOM platform.

What do I need to fully enjoy the livestream experience?
  • ZOOM Cloud Meeting App (for your device or desktop)
  • Strong internet connection; it’s recommended that you connect through Ethernet cable or limit the number of devices on your WiFi network if you’re using WiFi.
  • A large area to move around in; you must have space to move sideways and front and back. It’s recommended that you pick up any floor rugs and move any furniture that may get in the way. Your area should be well ventilated.
  • Headphones or Bluetooth speaker to hear the music from your device
  • Optional: TV with HDMI connection to connect your device to watch the class on your TV OR a Smart TV that allows you to cast the class from your device to your TV.
What equipment do I need for class?
  • Water (and plenty of it)
  • Sweat towel
  • Yoga Mat or Large Towel (for STRONG Nation™ classes)
  • Workout gloves (for STRONG Nation™ classes)